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Cafe Mort is a community of people getting together to enjoy a beverage, eat a snack, and talk about death!

With freeform discussion and engaged listening, we creatively explore themes surrounding living and dying.

Cafe Mort does not function as a

grief, counseling, or support group.

We are not mental-health professionals!

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Death is all around us!

How might things be different if we made space to talk about it?

How we understand death and dying can drastically alter the way we experience living. Allowing room for new ideas can give us inspiration to build better worlds and ease the discomfort around exiting this one.

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We welcome all those that are willing

to participate in respectful discussion.

Whether you are a one-time visitor or celebrated regular, we welcome

your perspective and insight!

We make an effort to remember that our beliefs are not universal. Bullying and personal attacks are not tolerated.

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