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Living Obituary

Kaja Lani Matura is a 35-year old creature, raised in the cerulean shores of the Pacific Ocean, now living amongst the quiet edges of sea-kissed forests in Helsinki, Finland. 

Kaja is a gentle breeze and a tempest all in one– once referred to as a “hurricane” by a middle school teacher, challenging any system she finds disagreeable. With a kaleidoscope of traits that oscillate between tenderness and tenacity, whimsy and wisdom, she has happily donned numerous hats throughout her remarkable journey: from Burlesque dancer to gallery owner, to caterer, to international muralist, to pizza maker, to costumed mascot to figure model to barista to promotional model to skillful bodyworker and immigrant entrepreneur. Kaja’s life, a canvas of perpetual beginnings, morphs and glows as more vibrance is added with each stroke. She started a lot of projects that she never finished. Perfection, a deleterious myth, does not factor into her plans as she celebrates the divine messiness of life. 

Recognizing the deep importance of therapeutic touch and the alchemy of personalized, conscientious care, Kaja spends much of her time supporting others with her Helsinki-based Massage Therapy practice. Seeking to unravel tired muscles like a spool of thread, she dives into the metaphysical connection with the tangible body beneath her hands and makes space for more ease. She strives to emanate comfort and calm in her professional life.

Conversely, not one to remain silent, Kaja ardently voices issues close to her heart, even if it sometimes leaves her feeling like a wanderer in search of a belonging. Yet, this very trait has guided her to a crystalline sense of self, illuminated by the blazing fire of her convictions—a life forged in the crucible of ceaseless renewal.

Kaja enjoys brewing fresh tea with old friends, submerging herself in various seas, watching well-written sci-fi movies with her Finnish husband, singing improvised melodies to her food, painting slippery portraits of psychedelic fauna, and hunting for edible delicacies in the forest. She doesn’t have a cat, but thinks of them often.

In the grand tapestry of remembrance, Kaja hopes to exist as an echo of humor, an embodiment of creativity, and a beacon of authenticity, with just a whisper of that delightful, enigmatic quirkiness that makes her uniquely, wonderfully herself.

Have you ever considered writing an obituary for yourself? Studies show that this creative exercise can actually help us contextualize our lives and define how we want to live and be, giving us a deeper understanding into ourselves and the world around us. Try it out!

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